Wuhan Iron and steel company rolls with losses of 4 years of “transfer” China Steel Xing machine

  South roller industry’s largest boss WISCO roll company officially changed hands, become the largest shareholder of China Steel Xing machine. In September 11th, the newspaper learned from the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, Wuhan Iron and steel group company, the management staff and roll part of the shares transferred to the group Xingtai machinery roller Limited company by means of agreement (hereinafter referred to as, after the transfer of the China Steel Xing machine), Wuhan Iron and steel roller holding China Steel Xing machine’s 34.5% stake, becoming its largest shareholder. “From a series of losses since 2008, the company has been unable to bear.” One insider pointed out that the small scale enterprises, technical force, must rely on the external “blood transfusion”, it is the hope of “back to life”, no, Wuhan Iron and steel company will let it roll the status of major shareholders.

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