Steel rail beam plant to ensure that the export of steel rail on schedule

  Recently, the rail beam plant to undertake the export of 28 thousand and 300 tons of rail orders. For the successful completion of the export rail rolling task, Rail Rail Plant in accordance with the export contract requirements, strengthen process management, improve the rolling trial production of new products, effective control of trial rolling accident time, development of new products to enhance the yield rate. At present, the rail beam plant rail contract is full, in the company of a few of the effective products, rail and part of the rail profile accounted for about 70%. According to the China World Trade Center company and the sales of the company’s contract, rail plant has invested a lot of time and effort in the development of new products export rail, has developed the export BS90A of Bangladesh and BS75A, 5 new varieties of exports to Brazil CR175, TR50, TR45 rail. Up to now, 2839 tons of rail beam plant export rail all delivery, TR45 will be delivered in early November, has produced the export of rail are being sent to the port of Tianjin

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