How to deal with the situation of iron and steel trade enterprises beset with troubles

  Data show that in July 2012, China’s exports of Steel 4 million 320 thousand tons, compared with June to reduce 900 thousand tons, compared with the same period last year decreased by 2.99%. Imported steel 1 million 160 thousand tons, an increase of 60 thousand tons in June, compared with the same period last year decreased by 6.89%. Among them, 30 thousand tons of imported steel billet, compared with June flat. From 1 to July, imports of steel billet 220 thousand tons, down 30.6%. Billet exit is zero. Coke exports 110 thousand tons, from 1 to July total exports of 690 thousand tons of coke, down 73.6%. Imports of iron ore 57 million 870 thousand tons, 440 thousand tons less than in June, an increase of 6.09%. Not difficult to see from the data, in July China’s import and export of steel double down, steel exports compared to January decreased significantly; then the reasons for the import and export of double down is what? Foreign trade enterprises how to deal with this situation?

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