The wear-resistant steel plate can be divided into: HARDOX 400, HARDOX 450, HARDOX 500, HARDOX  550, HARDOX 600 . This means that you can always find a HARDOX steel plate that meets your specific needs. 

HARDOX 400 and HARDOX 450 are multi-purpose wear plates. Due to its high toughness, good bending and welding properties, it can also be used for bearing purposes in some applications. The typical hardness of HARDOX400 steel plate is 400HBW. Excellent welding, impact strength and bending properties. The typical hardness of HARDOX450 steel plate is 450HBW wear resistant steel plate. Its outstanding properties are high hardness and toughness at the same time, and despite its high hardness, it is as easy to process as the HARDOX400.

The HARDOX 500 is a bendable and solderable wear plate for applications requiring higher wear resistance. HARDOX 500 steel has a typical hardness of 500 HBW, which enables it to withstand severe wear and tear. It is ideal for working in highly worn environments such as high strength ores and corrosive materials.

HARDOX 550 is a wear-resistant steel with an average hardness of 550HBW. It has the same toughness as HARDOX 500 and is used in high-wear applications. It is mainly aimed at users and manufacturers who use high manganese steel castings or wear resistant steel plates of brinell hardness of 500. When upgraded from HARDOX 500, the product improves brinell hardness by 50 units, extending wear life without losing toughness.HARDOX 600 is the world’s toughest wear-resistant steel with a hardness of 600 HBW. It is commonly used in extremely worn applications and is mainly used in place of cast steel, chromium alloy cast iron and surface hardened metals. Although it is very hard, we can still machine, weld and cut it. Although the HARDOX is extremely hard up to 600, it still has a fairly high impact toughness.

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